Do you have old family photos or slides that you need to "do someting with"?

Do you have a "Dummies" book lying around that confuses you?

Do you have software on your computer that you keep promising yourself you are going to learn?


Imaging services are available to scan your old photographs (up to 8x10) and 35mm slides into digital formats. We can also process and enhance the scanned images. Advanced services also include complete restoration and manipulation.

Other services:

• Multimedia presentaions for weddings, anniversaries or other events.

Website design and maintenance. We specialize in creating family genealogy websites.

Home Theater design and installation.

PC setup, troubleshooting and repair.

Software installation and troubleshooting.

Training in website design and maintenance including selecting and setting up your hosting server.

Training in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Excel.

Training in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft Access.

Training in Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Photoshop.

Training is setting up and maintaining a home network (hard wired and wireless).

All training is one-on-one. We've been training people on Microsoft Office products since 1998.


Do you feel uncomfortabe at work because you are unsure of some of the features of the software on your PC?

Don't keep procrastinating. You could take a course at a community school where you were one of many students in a fast paced environment or you could get specific, focused training on the subjects that are relavent to YOU.

Why spend weeks learning what can be taught in a matter of hours...

A Family website is a great way to keep extended families updated without the clutter and chaos of a public site like Facebook.